Workshops, Yoga Trainings and Special Events are available at MINDSET to help advance your personal wellness journey. This may simply be for your own personal benefit or you may be interested in becoming a yoga teacher or you are a yoga teacher looking to enhance your skills through continuing education. We offer workshops on a variety of topics: from posture, balance, nutrition, massage, stretching, goal setting and meditation. Or maybe you have decided to become a certified yoga instructor or even just learning for the sake of deepening your own practice. more


Prepared and Defended

9 hour R.A.D. class for women is a comprehensive course that includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance instruction coupled with hands-on defense training. This is not a martial arts class. No experience is necessary.
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Posture Workshop

Join us for this intensive, in-depth Workshop, building Posture from the feet through the crown of the head. We will be using principles from Applied Kinesiology, Fitness, and Yoga. The STAY TALL METHOD incorporates exercises, mechanics, Experiential Anatomy and study into the effects of Posture on organs, brain, metabolism, joints and health with a hands on approach.

6 Classes are divided into 3 Sessions:

SESSION 1: 2 consecutive Saturdays: 10am - 12:30pm
** In this 2 week Session we begin building Posture from the feet up, literally starting with placement of the heel. We move up through low legs, upper legs, pelvis and then ribcage, using Experiential Anatomy to find and strengthen the muscles to do so. The exercises we learn during these 2 weeks will strengthen these muscles and prepare them to hold the bones in correct alignment. We will also have stretches and practice facia release methods/rolling the muscles to free them and the joints and begin our study and practice of breath. Homework each week includes specific Posture exercises, stretches and rolling exercises as well as reading assignments. more