Designed specifically for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Virtual Wellness for Multiple Sclerosis

This membership is designed to help people living with multiple sclerosis. It will have lots of information to help guide you on your journey to wellness. This is a great option if you live away from MINDSET, prefer working out at home, travel or have transportation challenges. You can be part of our community continue becoming the best version of you!

You will have access to the following:

  • Free Consultation (in studio or video conference)
  • Virtual Daily F.I.T. Classes
  • Virtual Yoga/Mind/Body Classes (including tai chi)
  • Virtual 'Stay Tall' Posture Tips
  • Weekly MS Wellness Tutorial to cover M.I.N.D.S.E.T. METHOD
  • 10% discount on personal training (virtual or in studio)
  • 10% discount on workshops (virtual or in studio)
  • BONUS $10 each month from this membership will be donated to two amazing charities to help CARE & CURE! ($5 will go to the National MS Society and $5 will go to MINDSET Charities to help bring wellness to those who need it most and who qualify financially.)

MINDSET has had a wonderful relationship working for and working with the National MS Society since 2003. The National MS Society generously supported our ms-wellness program for over 17 years. Exercise and wellness classes were provided free to ms clients in Fort Worth, TX and Carrollton, TX. Sadly, the Corona-virus has hit the NMSS very hard and they are no longer able to support the program.

This program has changed many lives over the years and MINDSET is committed to this critical part of our mission. We are actively planning ways to rebuild the ms-wellness program. For now, the very best way we can stay connected is through the Virtual Wellness for Multiple Sclerosis

This membership is amazing!

EVERYONE needs physical activity for good health. Sometimes there are health obstacles like, multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity, pain, high blood pressure, other diseases that hinder you from becoming or staying physically active and it may seem impossible.

MINDSET is here to help you navigate exercise specifically adapted or modified for you and your specific situation can help you move more easily, become stronger and even decrease pain. It is critical to get moving, because lack of physical activity can lead to worsening disability and increase your risk of other problems related to being sedentary, such as heart disease, diabetes fatigue, etc. With the help of your doctor and options provided by MINDSET, you can choose the types of exercise best suited for you, your situation.

It is time to improve the quality of your life and become the best version of you!