4-Week Yoga Camp for Kids

We all know that your MINDSET is Everything when it comes to accomplishing your goals. For kids, MINDSET is even more important in the development of a strong and healthy mind. Yoga is an excellent tool to train the mind for a healthy balanced life. Many kids are bombarded with challenges without necessary skills to know how to properly navigate through their problems. As a result we have kids who experience anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, and over-stimulation (due to over exposure to electronics) to name a few. Yoga helps build strength of mind and body, cultivates self-esteem, body and emotional awareness, and increases focus through different yoga postures and mindfulness practices.


MINDSET Yoga 4 kids is dedicated to nurturing kids to train their minds and bodies through the practice of yoga in a non-competitive, non-intimidating, fun, safe and friendly environment. We encourage strong mental and physical health and believe the philosophy that your “MINDSET is EVERYTHING."

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