About Us

Our MINDSET is everything in the way that we approach our lives and the way we live our lives. We at MINDSET Fitness & Yoga are excited to share our passion of wellness through fitness, education, support, community involvement and charity. Our MINDSET is to cater to the overall mind and body. We are pleased to be the premiere destination for fitness, adaptive fitness and yoga with a special expertise in Multiple Sclerosis. We are dedicated to the health, wellness and restoration to all who seek to not just survive but thrive in the world. Our goal of total wellness is not only about what goes on inside the walls of MINDSET. MINDSET Fitness & Yoga has an ongoing commitment to bettering our community. Through our outreach programs we strive to connect with and aid those in need. We offer 2 convenient locations. Our main facility is in East Fort Worth right off of East Loop 820 North and Trinity Boulevard. We also have a satellite wellness room in Carrollton, inside the National Multiple Sclerosis Society office, off Luna Road and 635.



Travis Ehrhardt was inspired over 15 years ago while on trip to California. While on a weekend vacation, he visited a gym that had special exercise services for people with multiple sclerosis. Travis was already a personal trainer working in Austin, Texas but knew little about multiple sclerosis. He met 3 women with multiple sclerosis and as they were leaving the exercise, he asked if exercise had helped them. He was blown away when they responded so passionately about the positive impact of exercise. It was at that moment Travis knew this was his calling. Because of those responses, Travis decided he would move to California and learn more about critical combination of mindful exercise, adaptive exercise and multiple sclerosis.

After spending a year in California, working 6-7 days a week as a personal trainer for people with MS and learning everything he could about the benefits or exercise for multiple sclerosis clients, Travis came back to Texas and started as a volunteer in 2003 and offered personal training inside the Fort Worth MS Society. His wellness room was a vacant office, a chair and a broken treadmill.

Travis’ philosophy of exercise for multiple sclerosis didn’t require a lot of fancy equipment, and the number of people he was seeing as a volunteer quickly grew beyond capacity for the two days a week he spent in the NMSS office.  Travis was offered a position on staff with the MS Society and for 5 years, he continued the assisted physical training program, promoted the MS swim classes and also help facilitate a teacher training program to help yoga instructors learn how to make yoga most beneficial for people with MS.

It was then, when Travis was working with more and more clients, that the modified exercise program was beneficial for other people with neurological conditions too. Travis began to work with clients who were dealing with stroke recovery, Parkinson’s, TM, NMO, Traumatic Brain Injury and others.

Within a short time, Travis made the revelation that everyone needs some type of modified exercise program. Whather it was because of muscular structure, body mechanics, a bad knee from an old football injury, bad back from years of inactivity or misuse or even unexplained aches and pains, everyone needs some type of modification to make exercise right for them.

His approach to exercise and wellness can be best described by a quote from Arthur Ashe.

“Start Where You Are
Use What You Have
Do What You Can”

Travis now owns and operates MINDSET Fitness & Yoga, a 7500 square foot wellness facility in Fort Worth. We serve anyone and everyone wanting to live a more active lifestyle. From general fitness to personal training, high intensity circuit training to adaptive group exercise, from early morning to evening, fitness, yoga, massage, tai chi, dance, sign language classes, stretch clinics, we offer it all.

MINDSET Fitness & Yoga offers a 200 hour yoga teacher training program and many workshops for people wanting to dive deeper into their own wellness as well as for certified yoga instructors to maintain continuing education requirements.

Travis also has a team of wonderful trainers, unbelievable yoga instructors, passionate massage therapists and office manger who help manage in-home personal training session through out the Metroplex.